Tom is effervescent, high-spirited and above all fresh. His work is greatly inspirational.
— Judith van Vliet, Designer Clariant ColorWorks Europe/IMEA
Tom’s talk here in Hong Kong was really stimulating - full of inspiring insights and examples from around the world. We’ve had lots of great feedback from everyone who came.
— Ollie Cartwright, The Fountain Group

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Inspire your audience with youth trends, and the impact on your industry. Get a glimpse into the future, and it's possibilities.

Tom Palmaerts is a worlwide keynote speaker and managing partner at Trendwolves; a full service trend and marketing agency with a focus on young consumers and modern families. He worked as a trend consultant for brands like Barry Callebaut, Samsonite, Clariant, Coca-Cola, Hello bank! and BNP Paribas Fortis.

As a futurist, he firmly believes in the power of the next generation. These creatives, entrepreneurs and vibrant youth are creating thrilling waves. Most of these thrills stay underground - at the edge of society - but some of them cause disruptions and will influence your business. 

In 2008 Tom Palmaerts was awarded "Youth trend specialist of the year" by the Dutch trendwatching platform Second Sight, as a result of his drive, originality & passion. Since 2012 he teaches 'future thinking' and 'trend research' at the University College Ghent.

In September 2013 Tom Palmaerts received the award Trendwatcher of The Year 13-14. The jury explained: "He is activating and can bring things in motion".

In 2015, he published a book 'Futures' (Lannoo, Dutch) together with Herman Konings and Joeri Van den Bergh. 

Tom Palmaerts opens your eyes, with a lively mix of pictures and humor. Short, sweet, and to the point.
— Eric Van Bael (Vice President Commercial & Public Sector EMEA at Hewlett Packard)