At the end of 2015 I wrote a book called 'Thrills'. It was a nice adventure, but my ambition is to further explore the concept of future thrills and finally update my book. By writing you a weekly email about thrills, I hope to get my book done in 2018. And more importantly I'll get some direct feedback about the ideas.

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PAST ISSUES Five Thrills Friday

  • FTF 30/6/17 about events, retail, generations, blockchain and Calvin Harris
  • FTF 23/6/17 about wine, tequila, breakdance, flowers and post-rock
  • FTF 9/6/17 about the rules of cool, eco, smart bells, a tattoo studio and tech fashion
  • FTF 19/5/17 about a foodlab, chatbots, Hong Kong nightlife, megatrends and the connected generation
  • FTF 5/5/17 about influencers, tiny houses, VR VS AR and flying cars
  • FTF 28/4/17 about fashion, cocktails, self-driving cars, HR and Tim Ferriss